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Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., put into production in July2009, is headquarted in Qingdao, China. It strives to develop and produce eco-friendly,high-quality, and high-performance PCR, motorsports and aircraft tires. As aowner of four independent brands of SENTURY, LANDSAIL and DELINTE and GROUNDSPEED,Sentury has now established two tire production plants in Qingdao, China and inRayong, Thailand. The annual capacity of the former is 12 million pieces of PCRtires, while that of the later is 10 millions.

Inspired by the strategic objective of “Building the world-class tirebrand” and guided by the quality policy of "customer-oriented, innovation-driven,smart manufacturing, and pursuit of excellence", Sentury has passedvarious system certifications including IATF16949, VDA6.1, ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and ISO / IEC17025, etc. From product research and development, rawmaterial supply, production process, quality management, laboratory management,logistics management, sales management, after-sales service to environmentalprotection, and employee occupational health, the highest standards areimplemented into the full manufacturing cycle. In addition, Sentury hasobtained many regional product certifications such as China CCC, U.S. DOT, EUECE, EU R117, Brazil IINMETRO, Gulf states GCC, Indonesia SNI, India BIS, SaudiSASO, Thailand TISI and so on. As a high-tech enterprise, Sentury is wellequipped with state-level accredited laboratory, namely Enterprise Technology Center(Shandong Province), Industrial Design Center(Qingdao) and Aircraft Tire EngineeringLaboratory (Qingdao).

As a leader of transformingand upgrading tire industry and the pilot plant for intelligent manufacturing,Sentury adopts independent innovation as its development philosophy. To realizethe integration of information technology and industrialization, Sentury sticksto the intelligent manufacturing model, which features “Automation, Informatization,Intellectualization, Digitalization, Visualization and Traceability"(“AIIDVT”),in production process. With its Industrial 4.0 Demonstration Plant, Senturystrives to promote the standardization of intelligent manufacturing and acceleratesthe movement of replacing old growth drivers with new ones. One step at a time,Sentury is progressively reaching its strategic goal of "Building theworld-class tire brand". It will continue to deepen its efforts inhigh-end intelligent manufacturing system integration in the industry toconsolidate and build on its "smart manufacturing" achievements.

Sentury’s tire products are mainly designed for passenger cars,SUVs, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, and racing cars. Adhering to theR&D concept of “independent research and development, continuous innovationand forward-looking strategy”, Sentury assembles a leading PCR and aircraftR&D team in the tire industry. In just a few years, Sentury launched seriesof self-developed products ranging from special performance tires, such ascomfortable explosion-proof tires, self-sealing tires, graphene tires,noise-absorbing cotton tires, and ultra-low rolling resistance tires to specialpurpose tires like formula racing tires, Taklimakan Rally and Dakar Rallytires, university formula racing tires, aircraft tires, etc. Sentury will applytechnology and experience accumulated in the field of racing car and aircrafttire to strengthen the research and development of high-end PCR tires.

Aircraft tire isregarded as the cutting-edge product in tire industry. Sentury successfullyacquired aircraft tire technology through seven years of continuous investmentinto R&D. Its perseverance paid off when those aircraft tires passedrelevant commercial aircraft tire tests. In 2014, Sentury obtained theCertificate Technical Standard Order Approval (CTSOA Certificate) issued by theCivil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). In 2016, it successfullyinstalled and tested aircraft tires suitable for Boeing 737 aircraft, andreceived essential Modification Design Approval (MDA Certificate) from CAAC, asignificant milestone that signifies that Sentury is qualified for the design,production and sales of aircraft tires, hence becoming one of the few aircrafttire manufacturers around the world.

 Abide by itscooperation concept of “Nurturing a close, long-term, stable andmutually beneficial strategic partnership with clients based on sincerityand shard value”, Sentury has made aggressive decision to enter domestic andinternational markets, while enhancing its own brand awareness. Over the pastdecade, Sentury established a large global sales network, by which the productshave been sold to more than 150 countries and districts, including America,Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and other regions.

 Implementing itsglobal business strategy and actively responding to China’s “One Belt and OneRoad” initiative, Sentury has built the world’s leading tire intelligentmanufacturing plant in Rayong, Thailand. Supported by abundant smart plantoperation experience successfully practiced at the Qingdao plant, the twofactories together lay the solid foundation for Sentury’s sustainable and sounddevelopment. Meanwhile, an aircraft tire production plant is under constructionin Qingdao HQ, thereby forming a dual main product line and fueling the companyto stay superior and be more competitive in the tire industry.

 "We aim atcontinuously providing a more sustainable, much safer, and more comfortablelife experience for the future of our planet, and dedicated to deliver productswith best possible quality to everyone, everywhere.” This is the corporatemission that Sentury has always adhered to and Sentury’s solemn promise to itsclients.

1、Company Tenet

Establish business on the basis of talents, develop business on the basis of quality, create a global famous brand, build a hundred inheritance

2、Strategic Purpose

To create first-class global tire brand.

3、Enterprise Development Outlook

Innovation as engine, talents as basis, pursue outstanding products, realize sustainable and harmonious development

4、Quality Guidance

Be filled with expectations, manage strictly and carefully, keep proceeding continuously and pursue excellence

5、Enterprise Philosophy

Honest, innovation, harmony, diligence and win-win

6、Business Philosophy

Low cost, high profit, steady progress

7、Sales Philosophy

To develop long, stable, honest, win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

8、Talents Philosophy

Select talents on the basis of quality, choose employees on the basis of performance, advocate working style of teamwork, encourage creation and innovation

9、Quality Philosophy

Focus on working quality, guarantee products quality, improve continuously, optimize constantly

10、R&D Philosophy

Absorb strength of others, take the path of independent innovation, reach the summit of global technology

11、Professional Ethics

Decision-making level: be realistic and pragmatic, operate in accordance with the law, develop the enterprise and repay to the society.

Management level: Honesty to the company, justice and equity, care for staff

Staff: observe the law, devote yourself to work, love the company, be harmonious, make progress together

12、Work Style

Decision-making level: Master market information, be familiar with inner operation, pay attention to feedbacks, make decisions in time, be brave to make corrections

Management level: Execute instruction without discounting, be brave to take your own responsibility, be good at teamwork and cooperation, proceed with courage, complete your work in time without delay

Staff: Operate in accordance with regulations and instructions, fully execute crafting discipline, keep machine tidy and clean, ensure the completion of working quota, unite and cooperate with colleagues to create good conditions for next process


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