Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.

        Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.- The headquarter is located in Qingdao, China, which put into production and operation in July, 2009, it aims at R&D and production of the environmental, high quality, high performance,high-end PCR tires and aircraft tires. The company has three main brands of SENTURY, LANDSAIL and DELINTE, at present, it has finished two tire production bases in Qingdao, China and in Rayong Thailand, which can produce 15 million PCR tires yearly in Qingdao and produce 10 million PCR tires yearly in Thailand.

In accordance with the strategic target of creating the world first class tire brand, each stage including R&D, material supply, production process, logistics management,after-sale service and environmental production are completely covered by VDA6.1,  ISO9001,  ISO/TS16949,  ISO14001,  OHSAS18001 and ISO/IEC17025. The company firmly implements quality principles of customer’s expectation, strict and meticulous management, perseverance, and pursuit of excellence and has successively obtained certificates of China CCC, U.S. DOT, EU ECE, Brazil INMETRO, Gulf Countries GCC, Indonesia SNI, India BIS, Saudi Arabia SASO, Venezuela embassy certificateand so on. In addition, Sentury has been verified as National High and New Technology Enterprise, National Testing Center, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Qingdao Industry Design Center and Qingdao Aircraft Tire Project Lab.

As a model of the tire industrial transformation, the company adheres to core concept of independent innovation. Sentury also persist in Intelligence Manufacturing mode to realize "Merge together Integration of Information Technology and Industrialization".Our ultimate goal is to create a World Class Brand in tire industry, to build high end intelligent system and lead innovation in the tire manufacturing industry. Our intelligent manufacturer brings excellence, renovation and technology deployed in the industry.   

In accordance with the philosophy of independent R&D, sustainable innovation and focusing on the future, build own semi radial tire and aircraft tire R&D team. Established a top semi radial tire and aircraft tire R&D team. Sentury launches new products in progress, RFT tire, Sealing tire, Graphene tire, Formula racing tire, aircraft tire. Sentury devotes to develop the top-class semi radial tire within formula tire and aircraft tire.

Aircraft tire is the top product in tire industry. Now, Sentury has acquired aircraft tire manufacturing technology through seven years tire science investment. Sentury is one of the few aircraft tire manufactures in the world and the only Chinese private company in which able to produce  commercial tire through our own R&D, manufacturing and sales.

Concentrated on building a long-term, stable and win-win strategic relationships with our customers, Sentury has established a global sales network and deployed more than 150 countries and districts, including China, North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

To adheres the globalization and sustainable development, the company has built the world’s leading intelligent tire manufacturer with the intelligent manufacturing experience successfully implemented in the Qingdao factory. To facilitate our globalization and achieve the leading high-performance semi-steel radial tire production base, the company will simultaneously launch the second overseas intelligent manufacturing facility and build a dual production lines in aviation tire production base, which will promote the company to lead tire industry , to grow steadily, and to complete the company’s“3+1” core development strategy.

        All our effort is to provide a safer and more comfortable life experiences and keep offering our best quality products to the world. This is the mission and consistent commitment of Sentury.

1、Company Tenet

Establish business on the basis of talents, develop business on the basis of quality, create a global famous brand, build a hundred inheritance

2、Strategic Purpose

To create first-class global tire brand.

3、Enterprise Development Outlook

Innovation as engine, talents as basis, pursue outstanding products, realize sustainable and harmonious development

4、Quality Guidance

Be filled with expectations, manage strictly and carefully, keep proceeding continuously and pursue excellence

5、Enterprise Philosophy

Honest, innovation, harmony, diligence and win-win

6、Business Philosophy

Low cost, high profit, steady progress

7、Sales Philosophy

To develop long, stable, honest, win-win cooperation relationship with customers.

8、Talents Philosophy

Select talents on the basis of quality, choose employees on the basis of performance, advocate working style of teamwork, encourage creation and innovation

9、Quality Philosophy

Focus on working quality, guarantee products quality, improve continuously, optimize constantly

10、R&D Philosophy

Absorb strength of others, take the path of independent innovation, reach the summit of global technology

11、Professional Ethics

Decision-making level: be realistic and pragmatic, operate in accordance with the law, develop the enterprise and repay to the society.

Management level: Honesty to the company, justice and equity, care for staff

Staff: observe the law, devote yourself to work, love the company, be harmonious, make progress together

12、Work Style

Decision-making level: Master market information, be familiar with inner operation, pay attention to feedbacks, make decisions in time, be brave to make corrections

Management level: Execute instruction without discounting, be brave to take your own responsibility, be good at teamwork and cooperation, proceed with courage, complete your work in time without delay

Staff: Operate in accordance with regulations and instructions, fully execute crafting discipline, keep machine tidy and clean, ensure the completion of working quota, unite and cooperate with colleagues to create good conditions for next process


Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.

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